Brad Armstrong has made many mistakes, learned lots of lessons and found many answers in his quest for purpose and success in life, and he shares them with his audiences in his warm, witty, confident, and spontaneous style.  Brad's speeches are practical, philosophical, and very amusing and are tailor-made to each audience, as he incorporates his personal and professional experiences.  After moving from a successful career as a lawyer to a career as a chief executive, a company he founded was soon ranked among the 500 "fastest growing privately-held companies in America" by Inc. Magazine. Brad has received numerous honors in the business world, including an Entrepreneur of the Year award from Inc. Magazine, Merrill*Lynch, and Ernst & Young and a Blue Chip Initiative Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Brad's first book, The Six Reasons People Don't Do What You Expect will be available Fall, 06. 

Programs are available as Keynote Presentations (20-40 Minutes), Workshops (2-4 Hours) or Seminars (1-2 Days):

The Power of Committed Leadership®

In this fast-paced, highly competitive world, the difference between Leadership and "Committed" Leadership is often the difference between finishing in first place or "somewhere in the pack." In his address, Brad will share a way of life and some specific tools that will help you maintain your commitment to all your personal and professional goals and then transfer those skills to all your teammates.

Six Reasons People Don't Do What You Expect®

Brad's hands-on presentation is targeted to everyone who has ever experienced a "performance break" of their own, i.e. not doing what you expected yourself to do; or a "performance break" of somebody who has failed to do that which he/she agreed to do. This program is for people interested in becoming more successful in their roles as CEO's, supervisors, managers, teammates, siblings, spouses, mates, or parents.

The Tao of Living Large®

Using his "1-on-1 Coaching in a Crowd"
® technique Brad draws his audience into a conversation of possibility and limitation and reveals how one may most easily and successfully organize one's thinking to allow for optimal achievement. Brad demonstrates how our thinking and preconceived notions limit our lives, possibilities and futures.

You Only Dance When You're Dancing®.

You can't dance by the numbers. You can't dance when you're checking to see if you're dancing. You can't dance when you're comparing your movements to your ideal. In order to dance, you have to dance. That's what freedom is. That's who you are. Brad's creativity, originality, knowledge, wit, and common sense come through loud and strong in this riveting presentation.  Brad opens the eyes of his listeners to their own new possibilities and potentials using his trademarked "1-on-1 Coaching in a Crowd"
® technique.

A Good Death®

In order to have a "Good Death", one must have lived a good life and in this provocative presentation Brad identifies optimal life outcomes and the life-long self-disciplines and commitments necessary to therefore guarantee a "Good Death."

How to Be a Great Witness in Deposition or Trial®

Offered as a two-hour or half-day workshop, this program is intended to familiarize professionals with the litigation process and to prepare them to meet opposing lawyers head on, with the secrets in their back pockets. Easily certified for continuing education credits, this program humorously delivers the Ten Cardinal Rules for Depositions, How to Be an Excellent Expert Witness and the Do's and Don'ts of Trial Testimony. (2-4 Hours only)


Now including a career in theater, Brad plays "Bucky" in a one-man play about the life and work of R. Buckminster Fuller.  Offered as a free standing theater-based performance or as an integrated corporate training and teambuilding opportunity, "BUCKY" is designed to reintroduce the audience to the man who has been rightly called "the 20th century's Leonardo da Vinci".  

Through the most powerful universal principles that Buckminster Fuller discovered and utilized during his lifetime, namely, Synergy, Precession, Ephemeralization, and Acceleration of Acceleration, we can explain and predict some of the fastest mutating, richest and most inclusive patterns of behaviors operating throughout the universe. Learning and applying Bucky’s principles enables us to move forward with extraordinary innovation, creativity, speed and integrity.

Mastering these concepts and then enrolling others in learning and applying these principles will facilitate our understanding of how to:

  • Forecast in a global arena;
  • Manage the collision of markets;
  • Integrate and align the interaction of complex systems and organizations;
  • Anticipate and ameliorate the negative impact of mergers and other culturally disintegrating events;
  • Intuitively drive the evolution of products and markets;
  • Create an environment in which vast quantities of creative ideas are generated;
  • Manage employees in agile environments; and,
  • Formulate and support teams that maximize their human potential.

Because Fuller’s principles are both inclusionary and cross-disciplinary in their applications, understanding them enables executives to better navigate the seemingly chart less waters of complexity and constant change.

The Training

Armstrong and Alice Wilson have joined to create three business training workshops that use "BUCKY" as a catalyst. Participants and their guests, spouses, etc., if desired, first see the production, and then the participants attend a one, or two-day team building training or the one-day corporate creativity seminar. The trainings and seminars are predominantly experiential, and highly interactive exploring Bucky’s principles with models and exercises that immerse participants the concepts thereby transforming the way in which they look at the world, their lives, and their abilities to make a significant difference in their enterprises.

The culminating feature of the two-day teambuilding is the construction of a geodesic dome on an elementary school playground or other appropriate location of the sponsor’s choice. The dome will provide the enterprise with community recognition, if desired, and will remain, for the participants, as a lasting artifact of the training, teambuilding and great learning experience. Of course, as a contribution to the sponsor’s community, the Dome will be forever a reminder to all of the organization’s commitment to the local culture, schools or population.



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